I grew up in various towns throughout the northeast; my family had a habit of moving every 4 fours or so. I was born in New Hampshire, and have since lived in Massachusetts, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania. I earned my Eagle Scout at the age of 15, and was a varsity wrestling captain 3 years later. I have never been afraid to be myself, and try my best to not be overly predictable. As a true digital native in my realm, I have been working on websites in HTML and active in primitive social media for over 15 years.


1999 English Project

I am an inquisitive polymath by nature, and graduated from Penn State in 2006 with a B.S. in Energy, Business, & Finance. This course of study blended energy science courses with business economics, a highly quantitative scientific foundation grounded with business world economics. Rather than an unpaid internship, I opted to run my own (lucrative) moving service for a summer. Late in my college career I also developed some professional cooking skills after years of food service experience dating back to my mid teens. Aside from a passion and talent for preparing food, my years of experience in the food industry also drilled a customer first mentality that I still apply to my work today.


My family & I on Graduation Day

Not inspired to join either the conventional or renewable energy industry, I ultimately moved to Boston where I quickly found a job as a technical recruiter for mechanical engineers and designers. As a geek with strong communication skills I excelled in this sales driven role for a long while, but when the job market collapsed my fondness for a sales-driven job waned quickly. When I got laid off from my recruiting job I decided a change of fields was in order. I quickly whipped a website portfolio together, and nearly immediately was given a shot at a small consulting firm as their marketing coordinator (the main reason being because I possess a versatile range of technical skills and abilities). I worked as a marketing Swiss army knife, gaining experience with blogging, event promotion and management, webmaster and SEO skills, email campaigns, as well as content marketing over social media.

Here I am at a work event

Not one year into my employment, the company was bought out by a larger research firm across the country. I was absorbed into the larger team and my strengths were quickly put to use. Their social marketing strategy had to be started from the ground up and over the next year and a half I would design and execute their social and SEO strategies, train social best practices, as well as various other duties. When I was ultimately laid off from the new company I was the last member of the five person marketing team I had joined. Immediately when I hit the job market project work had started finding me, as friends and former coworkers wanted to put my now empty schedule to good use. I freelanced for 2012 attracting a wide variety of clients from authors, to a professional organization, to a gun shop, to a mixed martial arts tournament in the Middle East.

See some of my highlights:

In 2013 I was offered and accepted the position of Interactive Media Strategist for medium sized company north of Boston. In this position I have been given an entire network of websites and databases to manage and optimize, vendors to manage, constant analytics reports, and an opportunity to work with Hubspot (which I have been loving). I also manage the online community and content strategy for California Paints.